Burlington Chiropractic and Acupuncture Services

For more than 20 years, Burlington chiropractors Vin Isaiah and Melissa Kucera have been treating patients without drugs or surgery. They are focused on providing every patient gentle, effective treatment for a variety of conditions, including back pain and sciatica, foot and ankle problems, neck pain and headaches, and more.

Drs. Isaiah and Kucera see patients who have experienced workplace accidents, car wrecks and sports injuries. They also see patients who have been hurt in the course of daily life, including injuries from falls, improper lifting and repetitive motion injuries.

As Burlington, NC chiropractors, Drs. Kucera and Isaiah take a holistic approach to patient treatment. They are trained in chiropractic care, acupuncture and physiotherapy. They also provide custom orthotics, cold laser therapy, dry needling, nutritional support and guidance, advice on therapeutic exercises and cosmetic acupuncture.

They treat patients of all ages, using time-tested therapies and the latest in FDA-approved technology. 

Integrative approach

As a chiropractors in Burlington, Drs. Isaiah and Kucera have seen patients referred by other healthcare professionals and also referred patients to other providers in the community. Their approach is to work collaboratively with other healthcare professionals, and to ensure that each patient gets the individual treatment plans they need.

They also work collaboratively with you. That means they listen carefully to your concerns, assess your symptoms and develop a course of treatment tailored specifically to your needs. As experienced Burlington chiropractors, they know that every patient is unique, and every course of therapy, therefore, is also unique.

Alternative Health Care

Drs. Isaiah and Kucera are highly experienced and nationally certified in acupuncture. They use a number of acupuncture techniques. Acupuncture reduces pain and decreases inflammation. The World Health Organization says that it's used to address over 2,000 conditions. Dry needling, a specific acupuncture therapy, is often used to treat muscle knots and trigger points, myofascial pain, pinched nerves and other conditions.

A variety of physiotherapy techniques, including ultrasound, electrical stimulation and intersegmental traction, are used to treat everything from mild injuries to more serious musculoskeletal problems.

Drs. Kucera and Isaiah believe that prevention is as important as treating an acute condition, and a vital part of prevention is proper nutrition. They are able to provide patients personalized advice on proper nutrition and recommend whole foods and supplements that can help prevent problems and address chronic conditions.

In addition to the services they provide as Burlington chiropractors, Drs. Isaiah and Kucera also have a massage therapist on-site. 

Burlington ties

Melissa Kucera and Vin Isaiah have lived in Burlington and practiced as chiropractors in Burlington for 20 years. They are active in supporting a variety of community organizations and are raising a family here. They have treated thousands of patients from Burlington and the surrounding communities over the course of their careers here.

Their office is located just a few minutes from downtown Burlington and is easily accessible off Interstate 40/85.

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