At Graham Chiropractic and Acupuncture we treat a wide variety of injuries and illnesses without drugs or surgery. We see patients of all ages. Conditions we commonly treat include:

Auto accident injuries

We see patients right after auto accidents and treat new injuries, as well as injuries and dysfunctions that may develop weeks or months afterward.

Work-related injuries

We commonly treat work-related injuries related to vigorous physical activity.

Back and neck pain

Often due to a pulled muscle, a bulging or herniated disc, an inflamed or improperly moving or functioning joint, or pinched nerves.

Arm pain and numbness

Sometimes this can be in part of the arm, or it can even affect the hand, too. Arm pain and numbness is commonly caused by a pinched nerve in the neck, thoracic outlet syndrome, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis or peripheral neuropathy.

Leg pain and numbness

These are often caused by a pinched nerve in the lower back, sciatica, piriformis syndrome, a hip problem, tendonitis or peripheral neuropathy.

Hip and knee pain

These conditions, which can be very painful, are sometimes related to bursitis, tendonitis or arthritis within the joint.

Carpel Tunnel Syndrome

Patients with this chronic problem may experience pain and numbness in their hands and sometimes finding it difficult to grip or hold objects.

Thoracic Outlet Syndrome

This condition often manifests itself as pain or numbness in the arm, and is often misdiagnosed as a pinched nerve in the neck or carpal tunnel syndrome.

Migraines and tension headaches

Painful headaches can often be reduced in frequency and intensity, and often eliminated entirely, through the mix of holistic treatments we offer.

Plantar Fasciitis

This is foot pain due to inflammation of the fascia at the bottom of the foot. We use a unique combination of techniques to resolve many foot conditions. 

Foot and ankle problems

Pain and mobility limitations in the feet or ankles can cause significant limitations on your day-to-day activities. But they don’t have to. We offer very effective alternatives for foot/ankle pain and problems.

Peripheral neuropathies

Numbness, burning sensations and pain the feet, legs and hands can be caused by diabetes, aging, medications, spinal stenosis and injuries. By combining acupuncture, dry needling and manual therapies we can often eliminate these symptoms.

Stress, lifestyle management, family care and more

Modern families and modern lifestyles — from computer screens to fast food to overpacked schedules — can result in health problems for you and your family. Graham Chiropractic can provide preventive care, wellness counseling and nutritional support to help you manage and alleviate some of the negative health effects of our modern lives.